Aug 24 2023

Tell me you’re in the USA without telling me you’re in the USA

John Gruber on the prospect that proposed changes to the UKs surveillance regime may violate international law’:

Perhaps the argument […] that these changes would run afoul of international law will resonate with the U.K. in a way that technical arguments, thus far, have not.

Perhaps. Not something you’d want to bet on with the current government.

We can only hope that a Conservative party donor or two will persuade the government of the error of its’ ways on back doors to End-To-End encryption, but that doesn’t seem likely.

Given the current strategy of presenting Conservative Central Office and the Tory press with the smallest possible attack surface, the prospects of Keir Starmer taking a bold stance and promising to repeal this legislation if it’s in force by the time he gets into 10 Downing Street may not be as good as we’d hope.