Feb 8 2024

Standing room only

Interesting to see an Apple Vision Pro in action in something resembling a real-world environment.

Seems to me that hemming yourself into your living and working space with pinned windows showing various apps would get old very quickly. But then, I spent most of today working from home1 hammering out replies to emails and I could imagine myself doing that surrounded by various spreadsheets and windows from my email client pinned in front of the walls of the room I was working in.

Would it seem more or less oppressive if those windows were hovering everywhere the eye could see rather than all fitting on one display2 in front of my keyboard? I can imagine the immediate effect being liberating, as I spent time rearranging windows into the optimal pattern, but by the end of the day I suspect the novelty would have worn off.

No question, this video looks as futuristic as hell. Whether we want to work like that is a different matter.

[Via Scripting News]

  1. I woke up, looked out at the rain, checked the weather forecast and saw that rain was going to be sticking around all day and decided to save myself a trip to work that would be a mix of 30-ish minutes of walking across town through the rain with 5 minutes on the Metro somewhere in the middle, then the same again in reverse at the day’s end. It’s the only time this week that I’ve not gone into the office, so I’m already well over the impending 60% office time target that the UK Civil Service is supposedly set to impose on us low-level staff from next month. (Unless local management determine that our office can’t cope with 60% attendance and rule that the 60% standard won’t be applied to our office. Nobody’s saying anything official about that just yet.↩︎

  2. Sometimes I have both my laptop display and an external monitor on, but I have to scroll around lots of big spreadsheets and sometimes I find it’s better to just switch which app window is frontmost with one keystroke as I jump back and forth from Excel to Outlook composing an email that includes some of that spreadsheet data.↩︎