Jan 7 2024

Minimum Wage Clock

The Minimum Wage Clock is quite a thing:

This began as a quick-and-dirty experiment to visualize the UK National Minimum Wage in real-time, inspired by Blake Fall-Conroy’s Minimum Wage Machine.

A possible alternate title for Luna’s post: The Total Perspective Vortex.

Response #1: A burning desire to present this data as a bar chart or a line chart.

Response #2: Having the first few entries be indistinguishable1 from the line that represents £0.00 on the X-axis was just too depressing.

Response #3: Definitely not, Poor Mark Zuckerberg, falling behind his peers like that.”

[Via MetaFilter]

2024-01-07, 22:49. Post updated to add a link to an image of the bar chart I created this morning. JR

2024-01-10, 23:07. Post updated to point to copy of the image of my bar chart on this domain instead of on Dropbox. JR

  1. Yes, I deliberately used only the figures presented in US$ for my graph, because I didn’t feel like taking the time to figure out/look up the exchange rates used in the data sources for the sake of a blogpost on a Sunday morning. I’m lazy, which is no doubt why my salary is right down there in the X-axis baseline, alongside all the rest of the undeserving poor.↩︎