Feb 26 2023


I’m pretty sure Apple TV+ would consider it a good sign that after watching the first episode of Liaison on Apple TV+ I was frustrated to discover that they haven’t done what I’ve come to think of as their usual thing and released the first two or three episodes at once before proceeding to a weekly release schedule.

I wanted more and I wanted it now, dammit!

Just think of how torn I’m going to be a couple of years from now when the cash-strapped TV+ service 1 introduces a per-show Apple TV+ Pro membership tier that charges more in return for letting us binge new seasons of a favourite show.2

I might just have to subscribe to Apple TV+ Pro for For All Mankind and Severance. Even though I think that the both shows worked best when audiences had a week to ponder what we’d just seen and what it implied for what might happen next week.

What can I say, I’m weak…

  1. Trying to avoid increasing the basic membership fee any more than they have to, given how little content they have in their library compared to behemoths like Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video↩︎

  2. I know that sounds like it’s more trouble than it’d be worth, complicating their offer’ to viewers in return for a slightly higher fee, but that’s the beauty of the per-show’ bit of that approach. They’d be inviting the most rabid fans of a show to scream Shut up and take my money!’ at them.↩︎