Jun 16 2023

Zathras warned. But no-one listens to Zathras

The trailer for Babylon 5: The Road Home is up now.

While I’m sad at how many of the original cast have passed away so aren’t able to revisit their roles that isn’t going to stop me hoovering this up when it becomes available in my area. I’m an easy mark when it comes to this stuff.

I’m slightly worried at how much of the dialogue in the trailer was heavier on one-liners than in the original show, but I’m prepared to imagine that might just be the way they’ve pulled together snippets for a trailer rather than an indication that they’re aiming to do for Babylon 5 what J J Abrams did for the Star Trek revival revival.1 The trailer isn’t the story, I keep reminding myself.

Given that the plot seems involve that whole currently-trendy multiverse notion, it’ll be interesting to see which approach to the use of alternate timelines JMS employs. Does it really matter what’s going on in that timeline way over there, or is there some mechanism for things going bad in one timeline affecting linked timelines?2

[Via Tor.com]

  1. Because obviously making an old show accessible for a new generation was such a terrible idea. What were they thinking?↩︎

  2. I think we can all guess that whatever the mechanism is, it’ll turn out that Sheridan (and/or the machine that nudges him into a different timeline) is at risk of becoming a conduit for contagion across the timelines. Unless they end the story with Sheridan waking up and declaring to Delenn that he’s just had a really bad dream. (I think we can trust JMS not to pull that one.)↩︎