May 1 2023

Ultraviolet (the good one)

On a whim this evening instead of watching a selection of shows as planned I finished a rewatch of Ultraviolet. Not the 2006 Milla Jovovich film, but the 1998 British miniseries that posited a world where Jack Davenport and Idris Elba are at the sharp end of a high-tech battle against a vampire conspiracy to engineer a world where humans were to be put firmly in their place.

I watched Ultraviolet at the time and thought it a pretty good modernised vampire tale. It’s a real shame that they never followed up with a season 21 but perhaps it was better to have a tight first season than have them return with a second season that couldn’t live up to what came before.

  1. I’m aware that there was an attempt at a US remake of the show, but even with Idris Elba reprising his role in the UK show it never got beyond the pilot. I have the impression that we all got lucky there.↩︎