Oct 25 2023

Taylor’s Truckers

Catching up on some feeds I don’t read as frequently as I should, I came across the tale of Taylor’s truckers and the sweating of the 1% about the economics of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour:

This tour will be remembered for one thing: Swift’s decision to pay everyone associated with the tour—dancers, singers, caterers, sound techs, truck drivers, riggers, electricians, roadies, security—life-changingly large bonuses.

Each of the 50 truckers working the show will receive a $100,000 bonus beyond their compensation. […] The average bonus on similar tours reportedly runs $5,000-10,000—lovely, but much less life-altering.


Interesting not so much for news of what Taylor Swift is doing with her money as for the ensuing discussion of how her action makes most everyone else at the head of a modern profit-making enterprise look.

This is a major conversation starter, and like [Ted] Turner and [Warren] Buffett and [Bill] Gates, a peer-shamer that should extend well beyond the music world.

[Via Slacktivist]