Aug 4 2023

Strange New Worlds season 2

On Wednesday I decided to throw a month’s subscription in the direction of Paramount+ as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds approached the end of its’ second season. I’m so glad I did.1

I’d worried that after a strong first season the show might not be able to keep up the standard. I needn’t have worried. When this show is good, it’s very good.

In particular, Those Old Scientists yesterday2 and Subspace Rhapsody3 and Charades4.

I now think this cast can do anything they put their minds to.

With just ten episodes in the season they don’t leave themselves much room for misfires, but the average level they’re hitting over a season is encouraging.

Let’s see how they end the season next week.

  1. I don’t see much else on Paramount+ that’s worth my time. Probably unfair to them. We’ll see how I feel as the already-pencilled-in date for me to cancel my subscription approaches.↩︎

  2. Boimler and Mariner from Lower Decks in live action, meeting their heroes and trying not to let too much on about what they know about them.↩︎

  3. A musical episode that gives us a Klingon crew as, essentially, an autotuned boyband! I had no idea how much I needed that until I saw it.↩︎

  4. It looks as if they’re settling in to give us one episode per season where Spock has issues with his potential in-laws.↩︎