Jun 15 2023

Staged 3

I’d forgotten all about how much fun David Tennant and Michael Sheen were in Staged back in the lockdown.

I gather that season 3 first aired on BritBox last year, but I seem to have completely missed word that it had returned. The first I heard of it was when the show popped up when I reviewed Wednesday’s TV schedules last night.

Seeing the first two episodes of season 3 yesterday evening it definitely felt weird not to be watching the show from lockdown, but not for long. Sheen and Tennant have all sorts of fun playing off one another’s personal quirks, being competitive and cooperative simultaneously. The formula still works as well as it did in the first two seasons.

Throw in some guest stars in cameo roles - Neil Gaiman and Jim Broadbent in the first two episodes - and whilst it’s an acquired taste I enjoyed it1 quite a bit.

I’ll be back for more of Staged season 3 next week,2 for sure.

  1. It appears that the Daily Telegraph didn’t enjoy it that much. To each his own.↩︎

  2. Although all six episodes of season 3 are up on BBC iPlayer, I think I’ll get more out of it if I stretch the pleasure out over a few days or weeks.↩︎