Aug 10 2023

(Some) Short Treks on Paramount+

I was delighted to see earlier this evening that as well as the finale of season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Paramount+ now has the Short Treks.1

I was much less delighted to see that it’s only the first season of Short Treks that’s available on Paramount+. The season from back in 2019 when these stories centered around the U.S.S. Discovery and her crew and were up on Netflix alongside the then-new Star Trek: Discovery.

The last Short Trek was released in January 2020, dammit. Why are we still waiting?2

Edited to add: turns out, while Paramount has a page up listing those first four episodes when I tried to access Calypso I got a 404 error message. Perhaps I caught them part-way through the process of rolling out the Short Treks when I started drafting this post.

Further edited to add that the following day Calypso is now available. Still just that first season of Short Treks, though. Don’t keep me waiting, Paramount…

  1. Calypso is a particular favourite↩︎

  2. No doubt the answer lies in the small print of the contracts about Short Treks that were written before Paramount+ launched.↩︎