Oct 29 2023

Pithy is not my strong suit

Reading Dear Joriah Kingsbane, It’s Me, Eviscerix the Sword of Destiny” brightened my morning quite a bit:

It wasn’t anything you did wrong. Sometimes a sword and their wielder just grow apart. But out of respect for our long companionship, I feel I owe you an explanation. […]

Brief and to the point (no pun intended.)

I’m more of a reader of science fiction than fantasy so I’m not certain that I’d ever want to read an entire novel written from the point of view of Eviscerix. But I’m certainly open to persuasion.1

[Via Obsidian Iceberg]

  1. Much would depend upon how the story of Dela turns out. Follow the link to Alexei Collier’s short story to learn more about her.↩︎