Jun 6 2023

Person of Interest

Watching Person of Interest is Worth Your Time reminded me of just how good the show was:

This show is is part comedy part existential crisis, part Taraji Henson/Sarah Shahi/Amy Acker appreciation. I love it so much. […]

Person of Interest took some time to get up to speed, but for my money once the first season of case-of-the-week stuff had introduced most of our main cast the show turned into something much better than you’d expect. With hindsight, it gave us a much more interesting take on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the world than the same author’s Westworld later managed.

In a better timeline, Peter Watts would have been able to give us his Person of Interest novelisation rather than seeing the project cancelled. I know novelisations can be pretty lacklustre imitations of their parent shows, but I trust Peter Watts to have given us something more thoughtful than average.