Aug 19 2023

No season 2 for The Peripheral

Apparently, Amazon have announced that despite there having been a renewal announcement earlier this year they’re not going ahead with season 2 of their adaptation of The Peripheral.

The blame for this decision is reported as being due to the effects of the current writers’ and actors’ strikes. As usual, the lack of reliable ideas about viewing figures makes it difficult to be assess how far the impact of the strikes compares to the size of the splash season 1 made1 in the making of such decisions.

In normal times we could hope that the showrunners could explore other homes for the show, but clearly that’s not going to happen in the current environment.

It’s a shame. Season 1 wasn’t flawless, and from what I gather it wasn’t a particularly close adaptation of Gibson’s source material, but it was well worth a look.

[Via jazon, commenting at MetaFilter]

  1. Of course, in practice even with viewing figures we on the outside can’t be sure why such decisions are made. We have to assume that Deadline’s sources are telling them the truth. It’s the sort of thing that might become clearer a decade or two from now when an actor or producer’s memoir reveals what they were told at the time.↩︎