Jul 8 2023

How much?

I think I’m supposed to look at Ugmonk and be impressed at the quality of the design work and the fit-and-finish of the products they turn out, but I found myself thinking a mix of If I’ve got a working computer in front of me why do I need to clutter up my desktop with pencils and Post-It® notes?”1 and They charge how much for that?“

I realise I’m mostly showing my age by reacting to the prices. £47 for a pencil cup? I remember when £47 was real money.

Good luck to Ugmonk - presumably they’ve found a market for this stuff - but I’m pretty certain I’m not in their target market.

[Via swissmiss]

  1. Also, in fairness, I don’t have the sort of job where my desk is cluttered with colour swatches and I really need to have a pair of scissors and a few highlighter pens at hand. To the extent that I’m doing something creative when I’m at my desk, I’m doing it on the computer screen in front of me and am most likely doing it in an Excel workbook, or jotting down some Markdown-inflected text, or using an outline processor to review my unchecked #ToDo and #ToAddToPhoneLog items in today’s outline.↩︎