Aug 16 2023


Jennifer Giesbrecht reckons Babylon 5 Is a Perfect, Terrible Series:

Babylon 5 is both exactly as wild as it sounds, and utterly underwhelming in terms of execution versus expectation. Because, honestly, a modern show with a Game of Thrones level budget would have a difficult time living up to the vision B5 presents in its five-year-arc, which attempts to suggest a history extending a million years in either direction; a great hand reaching out of the stars… and then doing absolutely nothing else. That Babylon 5 manages to grant us even a sliver of of that vision—like peeking through a crack in the door—is mind-blowing when you really examine all the things the show had going against it.

That’s fair.

I’m going to be sorely tempted to try to watch the forthcoming Blu-ray release of the show. There will be parts of the show I’ll cringe at, but oh so many stretches of the show I’ll be happy to see again after so long.