Apr 28 2023

ChatGPT encouraging GPG?

Could it be that the problems caused by a rising tide of content of questionable degrees of accuracy generated by Large Language Model-based systems will be solved by a wave of human-produced cryptographically-signed content?

So self-sovereign keys, webs-of-trust, and reputation get us most of the way back to a functioning internet in the age of LLMs. They might not prove bot-or-not, but they prove trustworthiness, and that’s what matters.

I nearly wrote a resurgence of cryptographically-signed content” but that would be grossly inaccurate. Signing emails with GPG has never been an idea that the mass market has taken to. Hardly anyone uses GPG nowadays unless they have to.

Let’s see where we stand a decade from now.

[Via Status-Q, via Memex 1.1]