Aug 27 2023

Brief Encounter

The only word for this story of a closer-than-expected encounter between a young fan and her favourite musician is delightful”:

NB: on my web browser the whole thread is unpacked in one page. If your chosen device only shows you the first of several posts recounting the whole tale,1 MeFi commenter evilDoug has kindly provided the full text in this MetaFilter comment.

[Via MetaFilter]

  1. Which is what my text editor does when I try to preview the MarkDown draft of this post. I’m equally sure that a) that is my fault somehow, and that b) The entire point of my switching to MarkDown for drafting blogposts was to let me draft my blogposts more quickly, not to get bogged down in a hunt for exactly which bit of my software stack is causing Mastodon to do this to the Mastodon content embedded in my post that displayed in full when I read this Mastodon thread in my web browser. Now all I need to do is break my addiction to footnotes and I’ll really be saving some time…↩︎