Dec 16 2022


Not what I was expecting at all.

Don’t be misled by the candy-coloured preview frame that’s been chosen for the link. Click through to see the entire thing in all its’ Kubrick-referencing glory. I’m pretty certain I’m not the target audience they’re going for, but in the end to some degree I guess all click-throughs are worth having.1

I have to confess that I was hoping for something else from the smash cut, that led us to the title/logo, but that’s primarily because of how conditioned I am by all the times I’ve seen that trick since I first saw the inspiration for the start of this trailer in a 1970s re-release.2

[Via Daring Fireball]

  1. After all, for all they know I could have offspring who might want to see Barbie.↩︎

  2. I was too young to have seen it on the original UK release, but I definitely saw 2001: A Space Odyssey well before I saw Star Wars on that film’s original UK release. Which is part of why I wasn’t that blown away by the special effects in Star Wars. Intellectually I was fully aware that Lucas and his team were going more for Flash Gordon than 2001, but Kubrick and his team had already shown us what space travel was going to look like. Pan-Am extending their franchise into space, with travellers breaking their journey at an orbital Hilton hotel, dammit. They were going to deploy a fleet of Space Shuttles to start us down that path to the future, just like Concorde was going to be deployed by a dozen different airline carriers and give Britain and France a three-year lead over the Americans in SSTs. (Me, bitter about being a credulous teenager in the mid-late 1970s? Whatever gives you that idea?)↩︎