Feb 19 2023

Balloon (the Movie)

From MetaFilter’s thread on the Chinese balloon crisis:

This sounds like a fantastic movie plot, can you get a spec treatment done by COB today?

Imaging a movie where only WWII vintage panes can take out one of these objects out as they are the only fighter planes that are slow enough to really see the near stationary target and engage them with cannons (hand waving about the objects being too small for missile lock and being modern radar avoidant etc.). I mean the P38 Lightning can hit 40,000 feet (and would pair nicely with a modern F-35 Lightning II for contrast). Something something Clint Eastwood, something something redemption for a failed raid in the war, something something the twist is when the balloons start fighting back. Tentatively titled Inflation of Fear

posted by inflatablekiwi at 8:24 PM on February 13

I’d watch that in a minute, despite the mention of Clint Eastwood in this context bringing up memories of Firefox (the movie rather than the cross-platform web browser.)